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The importance of inspection forms

When utilized appropriately, an inspection checklist provides confirmation that a certain piece of equipment or location has undergone an examination. The person conducting the inspection is confirming that each piece of equipment or item is in proper operating condition as they cross each item off the checklist.

Checklists should be thorough but also easily understood, with elements included in a logical sequence that corresponds to how each type of equipment would really be inspected. They should be simple to use or they won't likely be used.
Traditionally, checklists were only available on paper, but today you can use digital checklists. This is why we've created InPilot, so that you can easily and quickly create your own inspection checklists and deploy them to your mobile frontline workers.

1. Create

Create and edit your inspection checklist

2. Execute

Send your mobile form for workers to complete

3. Distribute

Analyze and distribute your completed reports

A powerful inspection form builder

A flexible and powerful form builder

Our flexible no code editor can be used to create safety checklists and quality checklists in a few minutes.
Collect structured data with standardized forms
Use predefined inspection checklists to collect structured data
Checklists, signatures, photo captures and more!
Track performance and progression
Keep track of what people are doing
Gain visibility on what workers are doing, where they are stuck and why
Manage your processes
Use conditional logic to create dynamic workflows
Create visual representations of your processes that actually reflect what people are doing.

Inspection checklist templates

Check out our inspection templates to conveniently gather field service data for workplace inspections and audits.


Vehicle safety inspection form

A vehicle inspection form to assess a vehicle's operational condition.


Health and Safety inspection form

Utilize this Ladder Inspection Form, to conduct a full ladder assessment and analysis.


Home inspection checklist form

Utilize this Roofing Inspection Form to protect an establishment's roofing. Using this as a checklist can help you review the current state of your roof.


Fire inspection form

Fire safety inspectors keep track of information and report on the state of fire safety in a facility using a fire safety inspection checklist. Customize, distribute, and save data online.


Rental property inspection form

Use this entry-exit inspection form to assess the structure of your building, house, or apartment. This form template can be used to check the status of the property when tenants move in or move out.


Other inspection form

Choose from a list of inspection form templates. Pick out of our 1000+ templates. Site inspection, cleaning checklist, and more! Easy, simple and free to use, always.

InPilot inspection checklist features

Electronic Signature

Get your customer's e-signature in the field. Create customer reports and payable invoices on-the-fly.

Photo Annotations

Take pictures and annotate them. Photos are automatically stored in the correct job report and archived for future reference.

Automatic SMS notifications

Notify clients about the progression of their jobs automatically. Configure smart notifications through our user-friendly process editor.

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