Easy QR Code Inspection Tool

Streamline your inspections with InPilot

QR codes are everywhere, and they’re changing the way we interact with the world. Whether you’re in manufacturing or field service, our easy-to-use QR code inspection tool lets you quickly scan and inspect QR codes with just a few clicks.

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Our clients
How to use InPilot?
1. Scan
Scan QR codes and instantly gain access to inspection history, maintenance records, and compliance status.
2. Inspect
Enhance safety and compliance by identifying and addressing equipment issues promptly in-the-field.
3. Analyze
Improve productivity by reducing inspection time and minimizing equipment downtime by tracking key metrics.

See how our inspection checklist tool works

Mobile inspection checklists
Simplify your inspections and data entry with tablets
Eliminate manual processes and paperwork, reduce data entry errors and increase process efficiency.
Real time visibility
Keep track of your operations
Collect data in real-time get notifications when things go wrong.

Enterprise grade applications

Eliminate paper

Standardize operations

Accelerate training

Increase productivity

Reduce administrative tasks

Who can benefit from InPilot?

Your satisfaction is our priority

“The paper is no longer relevant. It is a system of electronic procedures that saves us time, especially on the paper side.“

Rébecca VP Operations

“Our operational capacity has improved considerably. We were able to optimize our processes and workflows, which reduced delivery times and improved customer satisfaction.“

David General Manager

“The QR code system has significantly improved the quality of our inspections. We can collect data faster and more accurately.“

Michael Maintenance team lead

“It was a real time saver for us. Before, we spent hours manually scanning and archiving documents. Now we can focus on more important tasks.“

Sarah Operations Supervisor