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For Small Teams

✓ Limited forms and work instructions

✓ Assignment of tasks (URL link, QR code, email)

✓ Advanced form fields adapted for mobile
(Excel, photo capture, image annotation, eSignature)

✓ Notifications (SMS, email)

Always free


For Small Businesses

✓ Features of the "Basic" package

✓ Unlimited Work Orders


✓ Asset Management

✓ Unlimited Meters and automation

✓ Scheduling of tasks

✓ CSV export

✓ Customer portal

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With custom integrations

✓ Package Features " Essential "

✓ Multiple sites / facilities

✓ Custom Dashboard

✓ Offline Mode

✓ Advanced permission management

✓ Open Rest APIs

✓ IoT meter management and automation

✓ Integration with SAML-based single sign-on (SSO)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Have more questions? Contact our support team.

How long will it take me to digitize all my current work instructions? (Word, PDF, PowerPoint)

We use a proprietary tool that converts your current work instructions into an InPilot formatted work instruction, which saves you time and precious resources. Contact our sales team to learn more about this offer.

I already have a ERP, how does InPilot connect with it?

InPilot is built to be open and connected. All our APIs are open can be easily integrated with your current system, whether it be an ERP, MRP, MES, CMMS, LMS, etc.

What is InPilot's billing information?

Telephone: 1-514-375-0275 Address: 9494 Blvd. St-Laurent (Suite 1009), Montreal, Quebec, H2N 1P4

Is this a secure site for online payments?

Of course! We work with the best payment processors which guarantee your information security. All payment information is stored on their servers, which have the most stringent certifications in the industry.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Anytime! Once your subscription is canceled, you will not be charged the following month. You will keep access to all product features until the expiration of your current subscription. Also, your data will be archived for 3 months should you wish to come back.