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Job Site Inspection and Hazard Reporting

Industry: Health and Safety

Use Case: Incident and safety, Emergency Response

Report in the field safety issues with InPilot. Notify a list of people by email or SMS and get in touch with the necessary emergency services if needed. Get complete incident report instantly.

Digital Work Instructions for OEMs

Industry: Manufacturing

Use Case: Digital Work Instructions

Track aftermarket product performance through digital work instructions. Distribute work instructions instantly and collect valuable field data. Ensure a direct link between design, manufacturing and aftermarket servicing.

Work Traceability for the Field-Service Industry

Industry: Field-Service, Transport and Logistics

Use Case: Inspection and Audit

Track your team progress in real-time based on your operationnal intervention process. Our application will guide your field service technician through a simple step by step approach from beginning to end, collecting data all along and generating instantly detailed customizable report to your customers.

Equipment Maintenance and Repair QR Codes

Industry: Manufacturing, Field-Service, Facilities Management

Cas d'utilisation : maintenance et réparation​

Access the maintenance history from the field. Scan a uniquely identifying QR code on an equipment to access its work instructions and select from the list to start a new maintenance.

Pharmaceutical Cleanliness Reporting

Industry: Pharmaceutical

Use Case: Audit, Reporting, Scheduling

Strict compliance of cleanliness is needed from the client. The client performed tracked cleaning through excel spreadsheets. With InPilot, tasks are assigned according to a routine and each execution is formally documented according to industry standards

HVAC Remote Warranty Activation

Industry: HVAC

Use Case: Digital Work Instructions

The equipment's warranty was activated once the startup checklist was performed by third-party installers. The manufacturing company can now gather critical in-the-field information about its product life cycle.

Health and Safety Checks
 Risk Management

Industry: Construction, Mining

Use Case: Risk Management

Daily risk management assessments in the mining industry can be performed with InPilot. Define work procedures, add rating and dynamic risk calculation based on the miner observation.

Construction Inspection and Hazard Reporting

Industry: Construction

Use Case: Incident and Safety

Standardize data collection and protocols. Ensure safety by scheduling routine inspections and audits. Trigger the necessary processes to ensure that corrective actions are followed through.

Activity Tracking
(Automated Timesheet)

Industry: Manufacturing, Field-Service

Use Case: Activity Tracking

Track performance and gather useful analytics about your workforce. Generate timesheets from activities logged with InPilot. No punch needed.